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“Kabuki” Mike Jeanneau

Bouzouki & Guitar


Born in Callao, Peru in 1967, son of European immigrants (French, Irish, Welsh and Spanish), he immigrated to the USA in 1983 and has lived between Maine and New Hampshire since.


Kabuki-Mike (thanks Knuckles!) started playing the guitar at the tender age of 7 (and still does every now and then) and has since picked up a variety of musical instruments over the years (mandolin, tenor banjo and fiddle), all self taught. He grew up listening to his older brotherís Zeppelin, ELP and Jethro Tull albums, among others, and did the rock-band thing during high school and college.


It was in college (Portlandís own USM) where he started paying more attention to the folk scene and eventually ended up playing at the Irish sessions at The Press Room, where he met Junior Stevens who introduced him to Tom Rota and the Brian Boruís sessions.


Mikeís main axe now is the English-made Fylde arch-top bouzouki and a Martin SP-000-16R guitar for variety.